Services and Fees/Te Ofrecemos…

Business Formation/Formación de Negocio

Limited Liability Company (Articles of Organization & Member Structure) $1500.00
-Operational Agrement/Acta Constitutiva $1000.00

EIN Application/
Aplicación EIN $500.00

ITIN Application/
Aplicación ITIN $500.00

Business Permit Identification/
Identificación de Permiso de Negocio $500.00

Incorporation (Articles of Organization & Member Structure) $2500.00
-Operational Agrement/Acta Constitutiva $1000.00

(Filling fees are not included)

Statutory Agent Service $500.00/year

Wills, Etc./Voluntades

Last will and Testament/
Ultima Voluntad y Testamento $150.00

Durable Health Care Power of Attorney $150.00

Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney $150.00

Living Will (End of Life) $150.00

Letter to My Agent (Representative) $150.00

Entire package of all five above/
Paquete Completo de los 5 anteriores $600.00

Revocable Living Trust $400.00

Trust Amendments $150.00 (and up)

Informal probate  $1,000.00
(Includes court costs and recording fees)

Affidavit of Succession (Real Property) $550.00

Affidavit of Succession (Personal property) $550.00

Immigration Documents/Documentos de Inmigración

Family Petition/
Petición Familiar $1000.00

Adjustment of Status/
Ajustes de Estados $1500.00

Ciudadanía $1000.00

Green Card Renewal/
Renovación $500.00

Certified Translations/
Traducciones Certificadas $80.00/page

Mobile Notary Services/Servicios de Notaria Móvil

Acknowledgements, Oath and Affirmations, etc. $2.00 per signature

0-10 miles $25.00

Other Legal Services are available upon request

Our fees are all “flat” fees, meaning no hidden fees or costs for document preparation. Court filling fees (varies from $81.00 – 300.00 + depending on what kind of document is being filled and in which county), certified mail, publications, etc. which are paid by the client in addition to the fees listed above unless specifically noted that it is included.

AZ Legal Choice is not a Law Office or attorney and CANNOT give you legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice, please consult with an attorney prior meeting with me.